Interview: Building a Thriving Audience with Corbett Barr from

Here’s my first interview for The Bootstrapped Entrepreneur!

I sit down with the man who inspired me to start this blog in the first place – Corbett Barr from

Listen in as we…

  • Hear Corbett’s story first hand of the ups and downs to being an entrepreneur
  • Talk about Corbett’s success in building a blog with over 100,000 monthly visitors
  • Learn why it’s absolutely important you build a thriving audience FIRST that’s hungry for your product or service
  • Share role models that have inspired the “bootstrapping” movement
  • Explore money saving tips to bootstrap your business with little to no money
  • Discover one more “thing you didn’t know about Corbett” that helps him be successful in his business

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  1. Corbett Barr says:

    Hey Blair, thanks so much for having me on, this was fun :) I hope the new interview series is a massive success.

    • Hey Corbett! Ya, I had a blast doing my first interview here and look forward to many more in the future!

      Thanks for being my first guinea pig! :)

  2. Many thanks for this interview. We too have been inspired by Corbett’s view of how to build an authentic business online.

  3. Hi Blair
    Did you use skype for the interview with Corbett? Good quality if you did.

  4. Shawna Haggenjos says:

    Yes, Corbett is an inspiration to many people! I loved the interview!

  5. Excellent interview Blair! I look forward to Corbett’s new course, as well as reading more about your blog! :)

  6. Great interview. Corbett inspired me to start blogging as well and, because of his advice, it is thriving even at only a couple weeks old.

    I especially like his tip on moving to a less expensive location to both save money as well as focus more easily. Moving back to a suburb has been such a good move personally, after living on 14th street in NYC. It’s a big change but productivity has increased greatly.

    Best of luck on your blog Blair!

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