Progress Journal

At least once a month, I write a detailed report to share the lessons learned from month to month and the goals I achieved. I am 100% transparent about the results related to traffic, sales and experiences.

These reports are by now means for me to beat my own chest or brag about what I’m doing. Instead, these progress reports are meant to hold me accountable to YOU – my readers, customers and friends. Ultimately, this blog is meant to serve as a tool and resource for you and these reports

Let these reports inspire you to accomplishing your business goals.


Monthly Report – August 2012
Monthly Report – July 2012

Traffic School and Start a Blog That Matters

Here’s my weekly progress reports through the Traffic School and Start a Blog That Matters courses offered by Think Traffic. I used these courses to help launch this blog and get it off the ground.

Huge kudos to Corbett Barr for putting these courses together.

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